Whilst art is rampant throughout Cairo's galleries, not often does an exhibition control to choose our breath away. 'Elegance plus the Beast' – a dual exhibition of 'The Beast' from Sabhan Adham, and 'Beauty' from Hossam Dirar – is an indication of jaw-dropping talent, perfectly intertwined at Zamalek's Artwork Talks.Born in Syria in 1973, Sabh… Read More

Do you know that the kidneys have an influence with your stress and anxiety and viceversa?Prevention is actually a primary tenet of holistic health, as well as a requirement for the upkeep of optimal kidney well being. In its position as blood filter and detoxifier (fluid and squander supervisor) the kidney is open up to significant abuse, from ins… Read More

Defining AlliterationAlliteration is a literary unit that is commonly used by poets and fantastic writers for greater influence. The dictionary defines alliteration as “the repetition of a seem, Specifically a consonant, for rhetorical or poetic outcome.”We could possibly get innumerable illustrations from poets of the Romantic Age the… Read More